Influence / Inspire / Motivate

Life is amazing, success and achievement are a state of mind

I'm Kitty Fitton

I'm a person that gets things done, and does them well. I won't just stand on the sidelines, I'll step right on up and lead from the front.

Life is what you make it, and despite life's hurdles it's possible to maintain a positive outlook that can help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

I am a motivational speaker and observational comic that writes about life, families, emigrating too many times and living with Parkinson's Disease. Don't let that last bit put you off. It's not contagious, but being positive  is.

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Need your event to go well with no snags and entertainment along the way? Call Kitty and secure yourself a fabulous Emcee (MC).


An experienced and talented speaker with a gift for connecting with her audience, book Kitty for an unforgettable experience.


A regular in Wellington and Palmerston North, Kitty serves observational comedy in her own laconic style.


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Helene Judge Electra Business Breakfast
Hi Kitty, on behalf of Electra, thank you so much for preparing and speaking at the Breakfast on Wed. You were super funny with your raw sense of humour yet engaging and educational with the information and facts that you provided.
You are kind, smart and have an infectious humour.
John Todd, Secretary Waikanae Lions

She is a most inspirational speaker and everyone in attendance was very impressed with her presentation and came away with a better knowledge of the condition.
I think she is an extremely valuable person for Parkinson's to have communicating information and experiences of the condition and in encouraging funding support from Charitable groups such as ours throughout the wider Wellington region.


Sharon Vodanovich Rotary Club of Kapiti
Thank you for your informative and entertaining talk at Rotary last night. You were a wonderful speaker, talking form the heart about your experience. Whilst a challenging topic, you spoke with warmth, honesty, and yes humour about your tough experience.
You are inspiring and I would definitely recommend you as a speaker.
Jennie Cavaye Probus Kapiti
Thank you for your amazing presentation and talk. I was absolutely amazed how positive, active, amusing and so knowledgeable you are on the subject. I have been to many medical conventions, presentations and talks covering Heart, Arthritis, Asthma and skin Cancers. I trained as a General Nurse and am always interested in keeping up to date on all subjects in the Medical field. Not one compared to your excellent positiveness, humour and how you told it, as it is for you.
We all enjoyed listening to you and many comments have come back to me.... mainly "wish all the speakers we've had at Probus, were so interesting and honest."


Trev Mason Waikanae Lions
My feedback is based on over 30 years of experience of adult education. If I were to use the 1 to 10  scale when evaluating your presentation  ( with 10 being outstanding) I would rate you as a 12. Kitty you were brilliant - you had the room in the palm of your hands (and for a room full of old farts who have heard many guest speakers  that's saying something!!!)
Your giftedness was well demonstrated, when we failed to get your power-point onto the screen.
You just carried on and worked with what you had on hand  - because you had come well prepared - and we all saw you demonstrate that you are a person who NEVER gives up especially when faced with a challenging condition like Parkinsons.
I personally believe you would make a perfect NATIONAL face to help New Zealanders get a more balanced appreciation of what Parkinsons is all about.
Mary Cook Probus Kapiti

Dear Kitty
Congratulations on a fantastic motivational presentation at Probus this morning on living with Parkinson's disease. It was both informative and inspiring. Your positivity, determination and fantastic sense of humour shone through.

Loved your dress and shoes too, very glam, gave us an image that this disease will be managed by you, rather than the disease managing you.