Walk for Parkinson’s

kitty and angela buswell, kapiti coast councillor

On Thursday 11th March the Kapiti branches of Parkinson's New Zealand organised a walk from the community centre to the council offices to recognise World Parkinson's Day. Well. World Parkinson's Day was actually the day before on the Wednesday 10th - but who's counting? For those of us that suffer with it, every day is Parkinson's day.

I rocked up (almost late) and was given a bright shiny red Parkinson's New Zealand t-shirt to wear. Someone apologised and said "you don't have to wear it after today." Au contraire - I am delighted to have finally scored a Parkinson's tee - anything to help spread the word that we shouldn't be embarrassed about our disease.


We were met at the council offices by the lovely Angela Buswell, and she was presented with some tulip bulbs and a letter from the Parkinson's committee. I was keen to explain to her that it's important people realise just what a life-saver Parkinson's NZ really are. And while it's not the sexiest of things to be passionate about, it's not only about the elderly!

For more information and help with Parkinson's please click here.

I have a strange feeling I'm turning into an attention-seeking media mogul... 😉

Kitty. x

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