Holidays Are For:

Ah. Public holidays. When the nice thing to do is visit a park with your family, do something lovely or just spend time together. We spent time together. Sorting laundry, ironing and catching up on housework. Nobody ever lay on their death bed and lamented they didn’t spend more time cleaning, but it is nice to have a shiny house.

Scouting Strife

I also had a word with myself and realised it had been just a tiny bit longer than a month since my last blog post. So much for monthly. Though to be fair, I’ve had a double birthday, Christmas, the 22nd Scout Jamboree and a family camping trip to contend with. You don’t want to go camping a few days after you’ve spent eleven days camping with 3,500 Scouts. Just saying. Trust me on that one. The holiday was fun but fraught with issues such as “I’m really tired.” And I was delighted to see my own bed again.

Sweat It Baby

I also made it back to the gym, which was great. I think. Only I could spend 12 months at the gym and not actually look any better. I think there’s a lesson in dedication and hard work there. Still, feint heart never won fair anything, so back I go.


image of kitty smiling into the camera with red flowers in a garden in the background.

Back in Business

I also restarted my plan for world domination. After the success of the Electra Business Breakfast yesterday, I reckon the least I should do is ramp up the speaking and concentrate on finding more great venues. I was delighted to learn over sixty people paid $30.00 each to hear me as the keynote speaker. I have to say, that’s a pretty good feeling for a girl who used to be told she talked too much.

I'm Coming For You

So goals have to be made and plans firmed up. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to get there. It’ll take hard work, determination and tenacity. Something I have in spades.

Watch this space. Kitty.

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  1. Morning Helen,
    You did talk a lot, too much (that’s relative). It also depends on what you’re saying, and looking at your site, you look to have important stuff to say. So keep going and I wish you all the success your heart desires. Amanda x


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