Don’t Panic!

Crowding In

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking at the Combined Probus Club of Kapiti today , and what a wonderful group of people they are. They certainly turned up in force, over one hundred and forty people packed into the lounge area of the Coast Community Church building to hear what I had to say.

No Pressure

It’s sometimes daunting to speak to a large number, especially when you are aware that some of them suffer from the very affliction that you’re there to impart your wisdom on, but I love what I do, and was determined to not allow the words of Keith who introduced me, put me off. What lovely words too, he described me as “the most amazing woman I have ever met, aside from my wife of course!” High praise indeed. No pressure. Added to that his wife has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for about six years, and he has a degree in neuro-science. Did I mention there was no pressure?!

Flying High

They laughed, they groaned, they gave me the most wonderful feedback. I appear to be collecting gift boxes too. I received a beautiful Kapiti Goodies box, I’m sure that will go to a good home!

So many people came up to tell me that not only had I delivered a top-notch speech (“the best I’ve ever heard here” said one), but one person made comment of the immense difference I had made to his fourteen year-old grandson through the Waikanae Air Scouts. That was a great moment.

They’re all great moment. Great people, and I was simply pleased that they like what I do. I’ve been asked if I’d speak at other groups, and of course I said I’d be pleased to.

Let’s Do This

It’s time to begin spreading my wings and really making this happen. I’ve finally found what I know I was born to do. Not bad for a kid that was always told she talked too much.

If you’d like me to come and speak to your group or at your event, don’t be shy, drop me a line and let’s get things going. I promise you won’t regret it.


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