You don’t have to climb a mountain or rock to be amazing. (But it does make a great picture.)

Rock On

This week is about impostor syndrome and motivation. And the very real fact that occasionally we get stuck because of ourselves. It’s crazy. If your friend came up with a great idea you’d tell them to just get on with it. But when we have a good idea ourselves, what do we do?

We sit on it.

We throw barriers and issues into our own paths and procrastination becomes the order of the day. “we can’t because…” and that idea slowly slips away, or worse, you see someone else carrying out a similar one and being amazingly successful.

What can we do about it? It’s an easy thing to say, but a harder thing to do, but forcing yourself to sit down and set some real goals and ambitions is vital. I’ve had an idea for some time to boost my profile in and around the Kāpiti Coast where I live. What have I done with it so far? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

What am I afraid of? Will people laugh at me? (Well, I’m also a comedian, so you know, hopefully!) Will they think I’m daft / stupid / foolish / insert negative emotion here. At heart we’re scared of failure, but everything is bound to fail if we never even get our backsides into gear and actually give it go.  What is the worst thing that will happen? You’ll have given it a shot. It’ll either hit the target, or you might have to re-aim and try again.

And if it hits,what wonderful things might happen.

We don’t need permission from others to go and make our dreams come true. And we really can with a bit of hard work and determination. If you know your product, your market, (and sometimes even if you don’t) why aren’t you giving it a go? One thing that held me back was thinking that I didn’t have the ‘right’ qualifications. Then I pondered. What WERE the qualifications? I looked at the people that are doing what I want to do. Ah.

It’s Not Rocket Science

It all boils down the usual suspects. You know the ones. Hard work. Tenacity. Determination. Belief. If you don’t think you can do it, why the heck would anyone else?

But You Can.

Of course you can. So get a pen and paper and write that plan and go make it happen.


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