What is a Motivational Speaker?

Motivation Madness

Just what is a motivational speaker? It’s a word that’s used so much, I hear it often, yet what is expected of the person that claims to motivate and inspire? For me, it’s connecting to my audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a room of retirees or a room of corporates and politicians, understanding who you are talking to is vitally important. It’s key to the atmosphere you want to create.


Connecting on a personal level is vital. How can you help someone if you just tell them a boring lump of facts about yourself? A good speaker can touch every person in a room and encourage them to realise that they themselves have the power within them to succeed in their chosen path. This connection is what’s so important.

Nobody Cares

Nobody really cares about your story at first. The times I’ve heard “Oh, it’s a talk about Parkinson’s.” and I think “I really must re-word this talk!” I am so much more than an irritating incurable disease. Another overused yet apt word is of course, storytelling. What I do is weave an intriguing tale. You’re pulled in and travel along with me. Sharing the lows and the highs right there at my side. Before they know it, the audience cares, really cares about your tale and they’re eager to understand how things will unfold.

It's Not Me, It's You

This may be my story, but it’s all about you, dear reader, dear audience. It’s my job to make sure that you understand that I too care. I care about you. I have a very real need for you to understand what you yourself is capable of. There’s no point in me telling a tale of woe that does nothing. I’m there to show you a new direction, and to pull you along the first few steps. Hand in hand, we share the connection; the understanding. That’s the magic moment.

Words Are Magic

That amazing moment of realisation is why I speak. To hear people talking afterwards about the things they plan to do is just fantastic. They thought they knew what was possible, but they thought they were held back. I give them the power to believe in themselves. I release them from their shackles, both real and imagined.

I love what I do. I’m a magician with words, I create a feeling of worth within each person I meet and they all leave feeling special.

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  1. I’m glad you highlighted that it is the role of motivational speakers to connect to their audience on a personal level if they want to encourage them to succeed in their chosen path. I am planning a team-building seminar for our startup company next month, so I was thinking of hiring a motivational speaker to present during the event. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a professional to hire for motivational speaking soon.


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