Whispering Voices

Here I am on the rocks at Makara Beach near Wellington in New Zealand. We came out here for a day trip. Mr D’s Dad has a bach out there and he goes out most weeekends to sit on the deck and watch the world go by. It goes by pretty slowly. There’s not much there … Read more


I missed my anniversary this year. Not a fun anniversary, like a meeting, or wedding, no, no no. This was my Parkinson’s anniversary. It flew past on Facebook, in those memory things they put up. “and so begins my nine-tablet a day habit” I’d written. There were of course all the usual comments underneath, from … Read more

Life is a Rollercoaster…

I was once told that my life appeared to be like some kind of film. Actually, I’ve been told many times my life appears to be some kind of major work of drama. Personally, I’m not convinced it would make the most riveting piece of action, however, it’s certainly never dull. Whilst others complain of … Read more

Living with Parkinson’s: Not Selling Out, Not Giving In

I’ve been struggling with lots of things recently. My life kind of fell apart for a while last year (I know, we all had our problems) but I’m claiming extra issues. I realised just how bad it had been when I undertook a presentation at a networking group I was in. While researching the information … Read more

Living With Parkinson’s – Stuff I Find Hard

Stuff I’ve found hard and things that help. Just like everyone, I go up and down in life and wellness. Good times come and go. Sometimes I’m doing well, sometimes I’m going through a rough time. I feel like I’m doing well at the moment, yet not that long ago I was feeling like I … Read more


It has been an odd time here.  Five years ago to the day I was told I had an incurable neurological condition. Immediately followed by the cheery phrase “you will be limited.” From the so-called support person. Five years ago I was in a state of shock.  Stunned.  Disbelief. Denial. To create additional angst on … Read more

Dopamine Crashing

After saying last blog that I would do the opposite of whatever I thought I should do, I then totally forgot about that and just carried on with business as usual. I’m actually repeating circles within circles, learning and re-learning the same thing over and over again. In the week just been I’ve had three … Read more

Nothing Special

The last few weeks have been rather tough. In fact, rather tough doesn’t really even begin to cut it. Yet on we go. The world continues to turn for us, though sometimes it’s hard to understand how everyone else is out there living their lives like nothing has happened. Death has a strange way of … Read more

Embracing Imperfection

I’ve had a radical thought, that I’m going to apply to my life and see what happens. I’m doing to do the opposite of whatever it is I think I should do. This radical idea pinged into my brain a couple of hours ago, as a result of a day spent musing about stress buckets. … Read more

Time Waits For None

I’ve been thinking a lot about time. It’s something that exists and does not exist. A construct of humankind to measure ourselves and give meaning. Yet it moves forward, always, and we are carried along in this stream marking our path and filling our days with what we feel is productive activity. Learning I had … Read more

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