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I have always had a story to tell.

I am a comedian, Aviation fiend, Air-Scout leader, mother, wife, friend, and I have Parkinson’s Disease.

It’s the last thing that’s the real kick in the guts, but also the thing that has helped to transform my life from humdrum to extraordinary.

People always wonder ‘what if’ and say they couldn’t cope if bad things happen to them. I was one of those people. Who had nothing but pity for those with disabilities or disorders that restricted them.

Then one day, I began to limp a little. Then some more. And eventually I discovered I had an incurable degenerative disease of my very own.

I talk about how learning I have a potentially disabling disease has transformed not only my life, but that of my family into something amazing. Rather than allow this to restrain me I am an unstoppable force that lets nothing stand in my way. This has led to a positive impact not only on myself, but those around me and stretches right across the Kapiti Coast community where I live.

Bold statement? You bet.

You can book me to come and talk to at your event, group or organisation. You won’t be disappointed. I offer a motivational experience peppered with humour and realism. This is an inspiring story straight from the heart.

Contact me using the form below. You won't regret it!

image of kitty fitton at the waikanae wi in march 2019
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