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Waikanae Women's Institute - February 2019

Oh - the ladies at the WI were so kind! We found there was nowhere to set up slides, so I just went for it and to be honest, I found it went just as well. My poor daughter Miss 13 came along for the ride and told me she felt very young. We left with some lovely compliments, happy smiles and a very useful cookbook.


Parkinson's Support Group - Lower Hutt February 2019

It was a sheer delight to meet the Parkinson's Support Group in Lower Hutt. It's always good to talk to people that really understand what it's like to deal with this every day. The feedback I received was that they felt it was a "breath of fresh air" and helped some feel more positive about things. And really, that's why I do this. It's great to get up there and talk, but if I can help people feel better too then that's fantastic.

kitty fitton motivational speaker at parkinsons support group.

Tech-week - An Introduction to Web Development - May 2018

I was asked to talk about changing career into web development by the good people at the PHP User Group in Wellington. I delivered a ten minute talk about the trials and tribulations of being a woman in the technology sector. I was utterly delighted to receive unsolicited random feedback on Twitter that I was the stand-out speaker of the night.


image from tech week website featuring kitty fitton

PHP User Group Wellington - February 2018

image from tech week website featuring kitty fitton

Parkinson's Seminar - September 2017

I complained to Parkinson's NZ that I never saw any young people with the disease. I didn't see good news stories and I wanted to know where all the 'young people' were. They asked me to put my money where my mouth was and speak at their seminar in Sepetember 2017.

I gave a 25 minute talk and received a standing ovation.

Complete strangers came up to me afterwards and told me how much I had helped them.

I knew then I wanted to go out and talk and educate people about Parkinson's Disease.


PHP User Group February 2017

image from tech week website featuring kitty fitton