a classroom full of desks and a blackboard

Tough Monday

I can’t be the only one that’s already wondering where the weekend went and how my diary has filled up so fast? To make matters worse I’m almost out of medication and I have a child at home due to an issue with the local school. I’m not going to go into details but I’m bemused that every single child that has some kind of additional emotional need seems to get removed from this school. What a damning endorsement. I had heard this, yet have had two children pass through without issue. Now I’m seeing another side of the coin and it’s rather disturbing. As I get older I find it’s easier to be tolerant. One is supposed to get more conservative, yet I’ve always been one to break the mould. Why follow a trend when you can strike out on your own?! Why oh why are our schools so rigid? It’s almost as though we’re encouraging stereotypical behaviour from our children, especially our boys. My son likes school, is usually engaged and enthusiastic. He’s not ashamed to get up in front of a crowd and dance, or sing. He approaches new tasks with gusto. For this he is ridiculed […]