Kitty & Ali Talk Chron’s

kKitty & Ali Talk Chron’s | Transcript 00:00:00In this week’s episode of Ordinary Life, Kitty recorded this outside of Coast Access Radio 00:00:05studios and had some issues getting a clear line to Gibraltar. 00:00:09That’s fair enough. 00:00:10The sound quality is not very good, however the content is and if you can listen past 00:00:15the … Read more

Ordinary Life – Kitty & Mike

image shows man in mid 50s with grey hair wearing grey tshirt grinning crazily at the camera facing a microphone.

Kitty catches up with Mike Doyle, who survived a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and over 30 minutes of CPR that saved his life. Find out how it affected his mindset towards life, his future plans and the relationships with those around him. Kitty and Mike – Catch Up |