Beware the Wolves

Image shows a graph that has increasing health with increasing parkinson symptoms.

If you were offered a chance to live without illness you’d take it, right? The golden promise of health, and longevity without too much effort? Or without any effort at all? Imagine if you are living with an inconvenient chronic illness. How tempting it could be to have a golden carrot dangled close to you, … Read more

Get Fit Quick!

mock advert showing very thin woman doing a side plank.

Want to get fit quick? Lose weight? Shed excess belly fat? How’d you like stunning legs? Have that perfect Beach-babe body that everyone else is just desperate for- in just three weeks? I will tell you how to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading. The Answer is simple and I can guarantee … Read more

Words From My Sleepless Bed

woman in a park crossreoads

I have been thinking about what to say to you. I have been lying awake (it’s 3am) feeling guilty I’ve not replied, but wondering what are the right words? It’s hard when you’re newly diagnosed. scratch that, it’s still hard now. That sudden shock. The painful realisation that this thing you’d hoped was ‘just a … Read more

Ripple Effect

image of alex flynn, man smiling with dark hair and an orange top.

We’ve all heard those adages about the simple act of dropping a small stone or pebble into a lake causing ripples far and wide. There’s another one about a butterfly flapping its wings in the forest. Basically, they say that each interaction that you have with everything changes it irrevocably. It’s forever changed, even if … Read more

Jealousy and Parkinson’s

two green angry eyes

We all know that Parkinson’s is cruel. However it can be cruel in the most unexpected of ways. Whilst on this unpleasant and unwanted navigation of life with Parkinson’s I have learned some occasionally uncomfortable things about myself. I am writing specifically about my lack of sympathy and concern for those around me that become … Read more

Change of Tack

kitty fitton - a strong woman

Getting on with one’s life after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s is strange. There is the inevitable sadness, feelings of loss, confusion. I could go on with the negative stuff but it drags me down. Then there’s the good stuff. Yes, there is good stuff, but you might need to look a little harder for that. … Read more

New Normal

woman with red hair clutching a yellow pole and laughing

Last week I visited the neurology department at my hospital. I saw a different doctor (again) and two lovely medical students from the University of Otago. It was a visit I had not been looking forward to at all.  I am sorry to report that it met my expectations in that I left in a … Read more